5 Questions: Kari Morris


I love having friends from all stages of my life. They help me to reflect on where we were and how far we have come. I first met Kari twelve years ago when we both worked at Foreign Cinema. She was barely twenty-one, in art school and a dreamer. To this day I regret not buying one of her paintings at an art show I all those years ago. When Kari moved to Brooklyn seven years ago she and her chef brother had a wild idea for a ginger syrup while on a trip to France. By the time they got home the idea had catapulted into what is now a very successful line of syrups. If you haven’t seen them sold (at all the most fantastic stores across North America) then you are living under a rock. Even more than the packaging, or the syrups themselves, I have loved seeing Kari become a focused woman on a path to success. She is one of those people that is thoughtful and quiet in all the ways I am loud, and I just know the big stuff for her hasn’t even started yet. If, that is even possible. So, pour yourself a Morris Kitchen cocktail (or mock-tail, those are equally as good) and read on to hear what Kari has to say in five sweet answers.

1. What is something you want to try in the next year?
Running a small business means working and thinking about work constantly, which I love but I am trying to slow down and pick up the paint brushes again. Having a little time to be creative and paint again is something that I want to achieve in the next year.
2. What brought you to your current city? Would you ever live anywhere else?
Work and family brought me to New York and I found myself living in Brooklyn. I have considered living elsewhere, still every time I return to New York I feel an overwhelming sense that I am home. Ideally I would like to have a place upstate to balance out the city life with some land.

3. What do you collect, and what do you think it says about you?
I collect kitchen things — vintage glassware, platters, tiered trays, linen napkins and cocktail tools. I love to entertain, try new recipes and formulas for hosting an event.

4. Whether big or small, what was the last trip you took?
Ojai California, great hiking, tons of citrus groves with a small town vibe. It reminds me a lot of Sonoma where I grew up.

5. If you were to throw a party tonight, what flowers would be on the table?
I did a dinner party in the Hampton’s last weekend and lined the table with Hydrangeas from the garden. They are in full bloom right now and were the perfect pop of color to line the table. There was a variety of shades of light blue to a purple so we laid them out in a gradient.

Thank you, Kari!

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