5 Questions: Hither and Thither


Ashley Muir Bruhn is the writer and photographer behind the travel and lifestyle blog Hither & Thither. We first met a few years ago when a mutual friend introduced us at a Scribe pick up party. I pretty much immediately developed a girl-crush on her! While her blog discusses modern parenting, style inspiration and personal stories it is the frequency that she focuses on travel that keeps me coming back. Ashley takes all the images herself (she should consider photography as her second career!) all while making travel (with kids) look chic.  Ashley lives in Davis, California, with her husband Aron, their two small children and every time I see them I think, “why don’t we hang out more?”.

Ashley and I are changing that starting now. I will have a regular post on her blog called, Desigining with Flowers, where I will be sharing tips on how to crack the flower arranging code along with some travel posts, too. My first post is here, and I hope you’ll follow along with Ashley and me as we discuss two of my favorite things in life. Flowers and travel!

1. What was your best career moment or your first big break?
I spent five years in graduate school and then decided academia wasn’t for me. We moved to New York and I found myself starting completely over—interning at a city magazine and a book publishing house. It was completely humbling. But it taught me that you can always make a change if you don’t like where you’re going. I was a book editor by the time we left New York, five years later. But that lesson was the break.

2. What is one thing about your current life that would surprise the younger version of you?
I would have never imagined I’d be doing what I am now: self-employed and working in media. (And of course blogging wasn’t even a word when I was growing up!) It still surprises me all the time, in fact. I find myself thinking I need to be able to describe my job in a narrower sense—am I a publisher? a writer? a photographer? I have to remind myself that I can make it look (and define it) however I’d like.

3. What do you collect, and what do you think it says about you?
It’s not a collection, per se, but I have tons of photographs and journals that I can’t let go of. I think it would tell you that I’m very sentimental. That urge to document and save has of course shaped the blog.

4. Whether big or small, what was the last trip you took? 
I got to drive down to Big Sur last month! It’s so gorgeous there (as you know). We kayaked through thick kelp beds and saw whales breaching in the distance; we rode horses down the beach; and I pulled over at nearly every bend in the road to admire those views on the way back home.

5. If you were to throw a party tonight, what flowers would be on the table? It happens to be peony season, and they’re certainly a favorite. I’d be quite happy to have them at any party—especially a day or so after they have opened.

Thank you, Ashely!