Monthly Archives: February 2015

weekly moments

IMG_9602Where did the week go? I know people ask that all the time, but seriously, I want to know. And, on that note, where did the entire month of February go? I can tell you where my week went in …

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mod and enchanting

TRIMBLEFULLRES0068It’s always special when someone you know gets married. For me, it was extra special when my one and only cousin got married and I got to do the flowers. Their wedding was in February and we chose to fill …

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Candles 3

Scent is the sense that completes a space for me. I love scented flowers and almost always chose a flower with a beautiful scent for my own home. Tuberose, freesia, jasmine, lilac, geranium leaf and my all time favorite, daphne, …

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Weekly Moments

IMG_9401This week was one where I just enjoyed the feeling of being home after being away on an adventure. My trip last week to Austin was wonderful and I’ve been appreciating San Francisco more than ever this week. California is …

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