100 Layer Cake studio tour

100 layerI can easily say that I am proud of a few specific things in my career and one of them is my studio space. My husband transformed a dark SOMA dump into a beautiful, light space that feels like home. When 100 Layer Cake asked if they could tour the space for a series they are doing on the creative workspaces of florists and planners, I obviously swept the flower filled floor and invited them in. I share the conference room with one of my favorite planners, Simone Lennon, and we showed them how we do mockups in the outdoor garden so clients can see how their table will look in the same light as they will have on their wedding day. Take a look here if you want the full tour.

100 layer4

100 layer3

100 layer1

100 layer2Photos: Shannen Natasha for Wedding Artists Collective.

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